Oct 2, 2009

zangbeto pictures

Additional pictures taken at the Tam Tam Zangbeto on Sept. 12, 2009, by Erich Konecky. On the left we have those members of the group, that did not fear to touch the spirit or did not show enough respect to stay away from it, respectively. Thank you for the nice work you did, Erich. Excellent photographs!!!
In the center below, another image of the mask that is placed on that bundle. After looking at the video I have posted on Sept. 23, some observers have suggested, that they can see a person sitting under that bundle. Certainly, this would give a sound explanation. Maybe that picture can help to foster or to weaken that theory.

On the left side, we see a Zangbeto mask whirling around in a style that makes one wonder, how the person under that heavy mask is keeping the thing and himself in balance.

A look under the mask is feautured below. Ine coukld take that as evidence of the "no person under it - theory", but I am sure, that other explanations can be found and will be put forth.

Maybe this will influence your vote (scroll down for it to the end of the page, svp).


  1. It seems (according to the votes) your readers are pretty rationalistic, hu? (c; (And I have to admit: So am I.) Anyway, great videos, thanx for sharing...Chr

  2. Do you know something more about Zangbetos?
    Im lookinf for some articles or way to understand more thoses "creatures".