Jan 10, 2010


... Jesus loves you more than you will know .... I know, that "The Graduate" and Paul Simon's song is something that comes to almost everybody's mind these days when it comes to Northern Ireland, nothing of great originality:

Mrs. Iris Robinson

At first sight, I did wonder, why Bill Clinton could stay after not having had sex with Monica Levinsky and Mrs. Robinson had to go after her "toy-boy"-affair became known to the public? Then I realised, that there was also some financial affair linked to that, as she had helped her boyfriend out with larger amounts of money in dubious ways, if I understood it rightly. But the most delicious thing about that all goes far beyond the meek associations we could have to a movie shot in 1967 and featuring Dustin Hoffmann (born in 1937) in the role of a teenager. Mrs. Robinson, being an outspoken Born-Again-Christian, has often publicly commented on the rules of sexual behaviour as commanded by God in the bible and has given her Christianity-based comments on homosexuality in the context of a violent attack on a homosexual man by a gang of youngsters. Needless to say, her point of view has not been very much appreciated by pink politics.
I really like her words about the redemption we can find in the blood of Christ (see her interviewed by BBC HERE): "Just like a murderer can be redeemed by the blood of Christ, so can a homosexual". Before that, she also states, that the Lord tells her "to love the sinner and not the sin" (in the clip on BBC' 0 : 40 - 0 : 49) This is what she actually has done, isn't it? (I like her accent, especially the way she pronounces "Christians speaking out" (0 : 25)). Wonder if she rescued her "boy-toy"-friend from homosexuality with the help of that psychiatrist that has a strong background in Christianity? So this all would turn out to be a work of true Christian love???? Be that as it may, she will be redeemed, I'm sure.

Now, for everybody's idea, here is a straightforward punk version of Paul Simon's classic done by the Lemonheads:

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  1. just to mention it: mr. robinson is supposedly back in the saddle. [1]

    (still counting on how many levels that metaphor works :) )

    [1] link to "die presse": http://diepresse.com/home/politik/aussenpolitik/537436/index.do?from=suche.intern.portal