Aug 1, 2009

Popular Religion again: Jacko!

Born on August 29, like Charlie Parker, Ingrid Bergman, John Locke, Diamanda Galas, GG Allin & me (amongst others), 1958 (exactly one year older than me): Jacko!. Seems like the only song of him I do like is Billy Jean. Therefore, no comment, not even trying to...

I came upon this today (walking the dog) in my neighbourhood (a small forest [copse] at the border of a village in southern Lower Austria). This is (a concretion of) religion, however we may define it (a place of manifestation of the Sacred, a symbol for dealing with contingency and so on). Recently, Hubert Knoblauch (my favourite sociologist of religion) has published a book on "Popular Religion" - I have bought it today and am eager to find out what lurks behind the subtitle "On the way towards a spiritual society" (Auf dem Weg zu einer spirituellen Gesellschaft). Whether the folk that have created that little memorial want Michael Jackson to live long or to rest in peace, is not the question. The issue at stake is transcendence.
I wonder: did they conduct some ritual when establishing that memorial place for their hero? If so, what were the elements, what was the shape? A little sacrifice, a libation, some prayers, dances, candles lit? Did they do it at midnight? In the moonlight? Moonwalking? Do they go there at regular intervals and repeat some of those activities? Will a cult be established?

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