Jul 11, 2009

The Doors of Cracow

In case somebody thinks, that I do not appreciate the beauty of Cracow (center of the city), here are some photographs taken in 2007 or so.

There are those beautiful doors in Cracow.

The ones featured here are but a few examples.

To me, it seems to be a kind of variation on a common style, a cultural matrix.

But I do not know enough about the culture (I guess, it has not been done without some Jews involved).


  1. Uh, the first comment - what an honor! (c;

    Nothing to say on Cracow, but on your profile:
    a. the pictures showing you in Africa are gorgeous - more of it!!
    b. how come you name the Hitchcock-Homepage among your favorites but not a single Hitchcock movie among your "Lieblingsfilme"...? (c;

    Enjoy blogging,

  2. Okay, Marnie, Spellbound, Rear Window & Vertigo; I recently watched North by Northwest in Berlin (open air in the center of the city - "Summer Cinema" in Mitte) and I was surprised how funny it was.
    Yes, and I should add some links to Bigelow, Coen Brothers, Lynch and Truffaut...

  3. Quite interesting selection - apropos Rear Window: check Hitchock's "What's my line?"-appearence (shortly after the release of RW) if you don't know it yet, he's really charming there...(somehow I can't paste the link in this comment field)