Jul 14, 2009

Sabine, Science, Sexism

I know, it should be: Feminism or Gendersomething, but I need a word beginning with "S" here. From time to time the corridors of Vienna University are used for exhibitons, relating to history or some issues of the history of science & scholarship.
When there was such a display of women's success stories in the latter fields, Sabine said to me, she wouldn't give a damn for it as long as they did not remove all those busts in the arcades dedicated to men, men and solely men who were famous professors at VU.
She would much rather drape those busts with bras. Nice idea, I thought. Yesterday, walking the arcades of VU's main building, I saw, that someone had draped the busts: not with bras but with names of more or less neglected women in that field. I took some photographs (poor quality) to post them here.
Although the names of the women are not really readable on those two photographs, I like them for the way the female names "correspond to" the looks of the portrayed men. I wonder how bras would correlate with them.

This one goes out to the one and only Sabine.

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